Le reply: Numero dos

Amusement curled on the Iron Knight’s lips and twisted cruelly in his brightening eyes… But the amusement darkened and turned quickly to malice. The hungry humans passing by began to stop and stare as the Lost drew his own blood against the tip of Animi, making the sword shudder in his hand, craving the Lost’s life. But Fey quelled its bloodlust with a slight tightening of his hand on the hilt of the sword. He could have easily killed the stupid mortal right then and there—gliding Animi right through his heart. She would enjoy that—she hadn’t had the taste of blood for the longest of times, he felt bad in a way.
“I think you’re underestimating me, /mortal./” He didn’t look at the people gathering beside his home—a part of him wished that he had chosen to stay above ground and avoid the humans—but he supposed he enjoyed their company, missing his old friends. “I have survived many rises and falls of societies and species. It’s about time that the faerie fall, I suppose… They have become arrogant and uneducated.” He twisted Animi into Faust’s sternum and drove the tip into the bone, twisting slightly. There was a slight gasp from their captive audience, and a quiet murmur across the group as blood bloomed against the Desecrators’ uniform.
Feyin’s eyes turned from a dull auburn to a vivid white very quickly, and runes began to etch themselves all across his arms and the skin around his throat. Curved black horns shimmered into existence beside his skull and gave him a much more menacing look than before—but also created a sort of stunning beauty only the faerie possess. He smiled a sabered smile at the Lost.

“Your new master is no different than Iari, you know….” Fey shut his eyes. “…Power is a very addictive drug, much like the ones Iari used to keep you loyal.” He looked to the Lost, then, and frowned. “Just because this master is stronger than your previous one does not make you more free… You do not know even the slightest thing about the Guardians Asher so desperately hunts.” He reached back with his free hand and drew one of his deadliest swords—Mortem, the sword that could kill with a single slice. He dropped Animi and instead put Mortem up to Faust’s chest, but hovered just above his skin.
A wicked smile curled on his lips.
“There is a reason I did not trust the Guardians with these swords, and that is because they are corrupt and weak-minded, just like you or Asher.” He moved to push the tip into the bared flesh of the Desecrator’s sternum, and smiled when the boy backed away. “If you truly want these swords, I suggest you take them from me.”